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Culture Change is a movement taking place in the long term care environment.  It is a change in philosophy for the purpose of encouraging and fostering an environment of care that embraces the individuality and desires of the elders needing care and services.  Through culture change, we are de-institutionalizing today’s nursing homes, and moving toward an environment that is built on relationships, individual needs, diversity, and empowerment.

Culture change is being accomplished in many different ways.  You might hear terms such as communities, neighborhoods, or Eden Alternative but underlying these changes are some common principles: 

·        Staff and elders are empowered and developing very close relationships with each other.  The personal care is being provided in a more wholistic way (caring for the whole person) rather than in a segmented way (different staff providing different aspects of care).

·        Living spaces are reflecting the lives our our elders and changing to look and feel more like home rather than institutions.

·        Elders are involved in all choices of their day including daily routine, activities, meal choices and personal surroundings.

The  lifelong contributions of our elders have benefited each of us in many ways.  They have nourished us, educated us, provided for our needs, played with us and loved us.  In their senior years, many have suffered physical, emotional, mental and social losses, but their value to our lives and the lives of their families and friends remains constant.  Culture change recognizes and emphasizes their value and embraces the individuality of each elder living within our long term care environments.

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